Anupama R. Mirle

Ohio Heritage Fellowship Information
Anupama Mirle is receiving a 2013 Ohio Heritage Fellowship for Performing Arts. An Indian dancer and choreographer she learned her art form from masters starting at the age of six while growing up in India. Mirle came to the U.S. in 1990 and has been involved in performing and teaching Bharatha Natyam to students of all ethnic groups. She received two nominations in 2013, one, in-state and one, out-of-state. To have two nominations in one year speaks to her local and national presence within the Indian culture. Her nominator spoke to how “she nurtures the eternal values of Indian art in a secular way.” Additionally as an Ohio Arts Council Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Master artist she has successfully passed on her art form to a number of apprentices including her son Vikrant Mirle. Along with teaching and performing she organizes dance events and cultural festivals with nationally and internationally acclaimed artists. She has greatly added to the cultural diversity of the Greater Cincinnati communities.

As a Bharathnatyam dancer, Anupama Mirle has trained not only in the dance itself but also in related musical forms, including percussion specific to the dance.

Mirle has studied dance with recognized Indian choreographer-historian Dr. Padma Subramaniam, among other artists of acclaim. Mirle holds four degrees in dance and one in music and percussion.Anupama Mirle In addition to her formal training and recognition by teachers and peers, she has been recognized by the International Dance Council, and noted for her choreography by OhioDance.

Mirle performs locally within the greater Cincinnati area, throughout Ohio and internationally, as well as teaching group classes and working more closely with her apprentices. In the greater Cincinnati area, Mirle and her school of dance are an integral part of the Indian arts community.

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