Elaina Hernandez


In 1996 Elaina Hernandez founded El Corazon de Mexico Ballet Folklorico, which translates as “The Heart of Mexico.” Ms. Hernandez is a 30-year veteran of Mexican folkloric dance. She studied under Maestro Carlos Vega of Mexico; Instructor Rene Cardoza of Chicago; Director Samuel Cortz of Chicago; Maestro Placido Lopex Guerrero of Colima, Mexico; Maestro Bladimir Arredondo of Tamaulipas, Mexico; and Maestra Karina Estrella of California. She has been directing and choreographing for over 20 years. She is a certified ballroom and Latin instructor and certified Zin Zumba and Zumba-kids instructor. She received the Diamente Award for Latino Adult Leadership in 2010.

Ohio Heritage Fellowship Information
Elaina Hernandez received a 2016 Ohio Heritage Fellowship for Community Leadership. Through Elaina Hernandez’s leadership of El Corazon de Mexico, she has delighted audiences across Ohio with performances of traditional folkloric dances of Mexico. Each state of Mexico has a unique style of music, dance, and costume. Ms. Hernandez takes great care in ensuring the music, style of dance, and vibrant costumes are true to the state in which they originate. Many of the costumes are made by Ms. Hernandez and her mother, Christine.
In addition to celebrating the rich history of Mexico through dance, she is also a mentor for the youth of Toledo. She accepts all dancers free of charge with no previous dance experience required.

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