Ohio Heritage Fellowship

The Ohio Heritage Fellowship program recognizes Ohio folk and traditional artists who are the finest and most influential masters of their particular art forms and traditions and whose work in the folk and traditional arts have had a significant impact on the people and communities of the state. Awards are given in three categories: Performing Arts, Material Culture (folk art, folk crafts, folk architecture) and Community Leadership. The OAC expects awardees to adhere to cultural artistic traditions and work in order to maintain the aesthetics and preservation of their art form, in the process contributing to the public visibility of the folk and traditional arts; be actively participating in their art form as a practitioner, a mentor, teacher or community leader; and be creating work of depth and brilliance that deepens our awareness of the rich and diverse cultural and artistic traditions of the people of Ohio.

Each year, the Ohio Arts Council will award one Ohio Heritage Fellowship to an individual or group whose work in the folk arts has had a significant impact on the people and communities of the state. The folk and traditional arts grow out of particular cultures and are recognized as the artistic expressions of ethnic, linguistic, occupational or regional groups. The recipient will receive a commemorative plaque plus a $5,000 award at a public award ceremony.

For complete Ohio Heritage Fellowship program guidelines, visit the OAC website

Fellowship Award Winners:

Barry Wheeler
Baba Jubal
Rosa Lee
Sogbety Diomande
Anupama R. Mirle
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